Cape Town Brothel Bust!

Awesome testimony!! A Cape Town gentleman’s club we’ve been praying outside and around was raided on Saturday night!  31 girls were taken out and 17 men as well. Most of the women were from Eastern Europe. The club was called Arabesque and was a high-end front for prostitution.  Check out the below article.

Please note, the tone of the article sites the situation as an immigration issue. Although there is no doubt that this is a case of human trafficking, there is currently no legislation in South Africa against human trafficking.  We’ve heard from our contacts here in Cape Town, that law enforcement is seeking the maximum sentencing for these men. If they call it a case of trafficking, the men get a paltry sentence.  If they charge for immigration and fraud etc… they can nail them with longer sentence. So please be praying for authorities in Cape Town that they will have discernment on how to handle this case.  Also pray for the women who are being held at Cape Town central police station, that they would be treated with compassion and dignity.

This is an exciting breakthrough for our team as the Lord specifically highlighted this club to us through Inga Raws, the Exodus Cry Cape Town chapter leader. Inga had a dream about a brothel she was forced into by Muslim men.  The men tried to get her to deny Christ. Last week, she accidentally stumbled upon this club when she was out to lunch with her husband.  Feeling it was the same club as in her dream she called our team together to pray outside the club and contend for the women in that place.  Our prayer was specifically that the Lord would dry up the business in that place.  Less than a week later, he definitely did!!!

Today our team is meeting with Steve Swart who is a parliamentarian with the ACDP (African Christian Democratic Party).  Steve is a believer and was a big part of fighting the recent bill that went through parliament that would’ve legalized prostitution before the 2010 World Cup (it did not pass!!).  He is currently part of a bill that would criminalize human trafficking for the first time in South Africa.

Our time in Cape Town is winding down, it has been a whirlwind! The Lord has done so much and our team has given 110%, sometimes leading worship and intercession three times in one day! We are getting on the road early tomorrow for our last leg of the trip:  Johannesburg! Please pray for continued endurance, stamina, and joy for our team.


~ by blairepilkington on July 4, 2010.

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